Hi yaaaaaa! I am sitting the kids, so I brought them to play ping pong. If I hadn’t then they would be on their iPads the whole time. How are you doing?

Okay, I think. I just have too much going on inside my head.

Did you get to meditate some?

No. I wanted to, but you know how time passes by.

Umm, how about later today?

No, it is getting late. And after we finish talking it will be too late and I’ll get sleepy; very sleepy.

Well, then maybe you should meditate today and we can find a different time to talk. I am not going anywhere anyway.

I mean I am here for you to call anytime.

Ok then. I’ll call soon. Good night!


I felt the pitch of your voice drop. Are you gonna be okay?

Yes, I will. I don’t know which, the sound of your voice or the things you say, but talking to you calms me down. However, your well-being will always precede my serenity. To me, nothing is as important as your well-being.

Aww, Thank you.



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