Nothing’s gonna hurt you, Boo-boo.

It’s easier than you think, Boo-boo. It really is. Everything, living and non-living, beyond your physical self is equipment. This is not a rash deduction Boo-boo, it’s only the truth. Regardless, treat everything like an extension of your body. Imagine physicality. Imagine being your equipment. Pay them their due, observe, learn and feel them; and they will do the same. Treat your equipment with reasonable care and they will serve you for a long time. See yourself in the things that surround you. Life is no sport but you have got to treat it like one. No matter what. And here is a little secret: the only opponent is your own self. Accept this fact. Like in any sport, in life, see yourself in the ones you are competing against. Learn from their falls, their successes and their mistakes. They are only helping you break barriers you’ve set for yourself. Continue reading


To Be Around You

Words are things that occupy space. Writing is a process of structuring the abstract.
To actualize abstracts, one needs an entity. This is what manifests characters. Attributes are paramount for creation. In order to craft attributes, I rely on several techniques, like vocabulary, redundancy, sentence structure, provocation et cetera. Continue reading