How Chango became the seminal porn director that he is now

I had a meeting at 2 pm. It wasn’t about anything. Assemble people in a conference room, provide free food and they will find something to talk about. The meeting was dour to say the least- learned men and women gauging and criticizing their contemporaries. The stupidity of the educated cannot be underestimated. In the middle of it, I got bored. I fantasized about naked women- naked; some were in that room, some were not. I even imagined naked celebrities. Grace Kelly in a beach, Rooney Mara in a bathtub and Chanel Iman in the wilderness. I can’t help my imagination. After almost two hours, it was concluded that we needed to meet more often. Before leaving, I made myself one last cheese and cracker sandwich and chugged my drink. Continue reading

A Day in the Life

Gregory Milne awoke with a slight headache and an extremely dry mouth. With half-opened eyes, he tried to remember where he was. Then, he reached for his mobile phone. The reorientation process slowly followed. It was a Tuesday afternoon. “Man, I hate the sun!”, exclaimed Milne. But it transpired that he’d only thought it. That was always the case with Milne. Reorienting was a slippery business for Milne, so he had developed a routine and tried maintaining it. Continue reading