Time is an athropogenic construct.

Hair cells in the ear convert sound waves to electrical signals.
Rimbaud writes “I is another”
Early in our history as species, DNA from former parasites became integrated in our DNA. At the core, we are all mongrels; which is why any notion of superiority is absolutely farcical.
Whether vulnerability means letting more in or out?
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it hangs around

I’m growing,
closer or further from you, I still don’t know.
Times are changing,
memories eroding,
but the pain grows.
I miss you though its hard to remember us.
Your pain, my pain
does it matter?
its only pain
Its fading for you-
your life’s crowded with age-appropriate milestones-
but it hangs around painfully here.

Nectar-flavoured Dental Floss/Fragrant Contour Maps/The Lighthouse Keeper’s Bad Acid Trip/Accusatory Tree/Edamame-filled Balloons

Accusatory Tree
How would it feel to be stuck in one place throughout your life and only be allowed to spectate and not participate? To be alone, grey, barren and lifeless in the cold. To only occupy space and appear dry and brittle. To sound and seem reluctant all the time. To experience a lack of control. To have your dignity stripped by lesser organisms. To be renounced by the very things you nurtured, to know that you are no longer favored as a habitat. How does it feel to lose all your leaves? How cold is the wind that brushes your scars? And snow. And blizzards.
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