How Chango became the seminal porn director that he is now

I had a meeting at 2 pm. It wasn’t about anything. Assemble people in a conference room, provide free food and they will find something to talk about. The meeting was dour to say the least- learned men and women gauging and criticizing their contemporaries. The stupidity of the educated cannot be underestimated. In the middle of it, I got bored. I fantasized about naked women- naked; some were in that room, some were not. I even imagined naked celebrities. Grace Kelly in a beach, Rooney Mara in a bathtub and Chanel Iman in the wilderness. I can’t help my imagination. After almost two hours, it was concluded that we needed to meet more often. Before leaving, I made myself one last cheese and cracker sandwich and chugged my drink. Continue reading

A Day in the Life

Gregory Milne awoke with a slight headache and an extremely dry mouth. With half-opened eyes, he tried to remember where he was. Then, he reached for his mobile phone. The reorientation process slowly followed. It was a Tuesday afternoon. “Man, I hate the sun!”, exclaimed Milne. But it transpired that he’d only thought it. That was always the case with Milne. Reorienting was a slippery business for Milne, so he had developed a routine and tried maintaining it. Continue reading

Your Door

Oh you, you gifted sweater wearing seeing hearing good-music-appreciating raw-writing thinking colorful person,

It has only been hours since I left, how come I miss you already? This beach house daddy rented for the holidays is huge. Humongous considering it’s only the three of us. Seasonal vacation houses are peculiar, piled on top of each other, they are not built for one particular family but to appeal to all those who stay here. Cold yet comforting, a little like you. Continue reading