You dick, without you I can hardly breathe

It was something about the weather, cool breeze blowing through hot air. But when one is in the wrong end of the spectrum, they don’t seem to care. And I loved you, I still do too. Still I was surprised to learn that you had decided to return the favor, for I did not know if it was what I deserved. I was always deemed unlovable by the ones who had, voluntarily, decided to love me.

And when I emerged I was perched in the things that you desired, but it was only luck. Wish I had known it then, that I was never meant to be the muse of your songs, the cause of your mid-sentence smile, the reason you hide your trembling lower lips..

Every indignation, every injustice that I endure now and in the future, for all you will be blamed; because you have deprived me of the one I loved.


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