, but instead creating your own.

Re-plan fiascos.
Wistful smile, drunk-
You reek of innocence.
How she scratched her forehead or just the sound of it
In circles, she shifted through dimensions.
Further from the truth, closer to the heart.
Who knows what attracts a human to another.
The way she said “together” got him really proud
Called her his home

“I have been by myself for so long, I haven’t anyone to miss.”
Said the weary traveler to the prostitute.
Said she, “I don’t have any more questions to your answers”

To be the cause of your mid-sentence smile,
to dwell in your insanity,
what I would not give.
To be bound by the silhouette of your affection,
to wither in your wait,
what I would not give.
To stand in the rain, drenched in anticipation..
The light- it moves away from me.


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