Nothing’s gonna hurt you, Boo-boo.

It’s easier than you think, Boo-boo. It really is. Everything, living and non-living, beyond your physical self is equipment. This is not a rash deduction Boo-boo, it’s only the truth. Regardless, treat everything like an extension of your body. Imagine physicality. Imagine being your equipment. Pay them their due, observe, learn and feel them; and they will do the same. Treat your equipment with reasonable care and they will serve you for a long time. See yourself in the things that surround you. Life is no sport but you have got to treat it like one. No matter what. And here is a little secret: the only opponent is your own self. Accept this fact. Like in any sport, in life, see yourself in the ones you are competing against. Learn from their falls, their successes and their mistakes. They are only helping you break barriers you’ve set for yourself.

If people use you and you know, let them use you still. The less you get, the more you offer. It’s challenging but not boring. Try to learn always. Be a student. Don’t be a Hippie. Don’t be a Hipster. Don’t be a Goth either. Be nobody, it’s more spacious. It’s easy and low maintenance.

If we were left out in the wilderness, we’d extinct sooner than that ethnologist fellow predicts. You know why? I will tell you why Boo-boo. Because in terms of physicality, as a species we have nothing special in us. We are nowhere near “great”. Compared to other inhabitants of this planet, we can run longer distances but that’s about it. Still we conquer the planet because we can conquer our surroundings. And once you control your surrounding you control the way you evolve. I won’t elaborate any further Boo-boo. But I am sure you will think on it. This, however, brings me to my next topic- discipline. See, Boo-boo, our default mode is to be undisciplined but we need to learn discipline, ingrain it in the fiber of our being because the reward is control. If we can control ourselves, we can control anything (try connecting the dots here). And deny it as much as you want but, inside, we all want control.

Learn to do nothing. This is the most difficult lesson, Boo-boo. Do nothing; be a wall; let everything bounce off of you and the things that surround you will do things for you. Things will open up for you if you don’t open for them. Your needs or lack of rather will render your disposition docile. Learn to echelon them, your needs. I predict that you don’t understand. It’s no matter. I know what I know. And you will.

Here’s how to become a masochist: give yourself, entirely, to someone else; love a leper (we are all some form of) with all your heart. And here is how to be alone, even in a party of noises and bodies: invest all your affections in some “body” and expect nothing in return. Be careful of three things: what you listen to, what you read and who you love. They will make you who you are. When you decide to love, also set your mind on being let down. That it how it always is. People change, lie, abandon, betray, leave, get sick and die. But you never stop. For indignation is an astringent but irreplaceable teacher.

If you perspire in your sleep, most likely it’s your dreams. So keep a flashlight under your pillow. It will only help you. Be aware of your reflection, always. When traveling west, take Melatonin in the morning; while traveling east, take it in the evening. Don’t talk to your loved ones after they fall asleep. It might mean the world to you, but to the world it doesn’t really matter. Strangely enough, the things that are the most difficult to say seem to be the ones that matter the most.

On the subject of love, those that fall in love quickly are susceptible to fall out at the same pace. This is not an abrupt generalization Boo-boo, it is the truth that I have lived. Love is belief and compassion only to the naive. In actuality, it’s only compromise and concordance. Bend or be broken.

Memorize your yearly income. Memorize your GPA. These are not indications of who you are but rather where. Use them. Never tell anyone where you are. Imagine yourself as a marksman, a sharpshooter. Your position is all you have. And most important in life, choose. Choose not to believe. Choose to make your own mistakes. Choose dignity. Choose humility.


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