Big Beautiful

>Bell garden luv 100 for singles 35 for couples females free tell me you gonna rsvp lol
I am a girl. How many boys are coming? And how many girls? I don’t want to be in there with a bunch of girls.
>Lol trust me it will be plenty of guus
What is the address and what time? Do you guys have a website?
>Were looking to hire girls too if you interested what’s ur name and age so I can put u on the list
Not interested in wrking for you. Diana Smolinsky. Age 23. Do you screen the people for possible stds?
>No we dnt all that is up to u guys to figur out
Oh ok. This is my first time. Will I get to…
>get to wht
Do it. It is my first time at such a event.
>If you have questions google it. i dont discuss that over the phone its a swinger party it speaks for itself
Ok. Address?
(1/3) Tonight the Massive BBW Party will be at the Newly Remodeled Comfort Inn. 7330 eastern ave. Don’t contact the hotel or go in the lobby text me once you pa
(2/3) rk in guest parking and I will give you directions. Single guys pay 100 donation at door everything provided and Couples are 35$ Doors open at 9-2am. All
(3/3) guests try to arrive no later then 12. Please cancel if you can’t make it. We have a full first list tonight.

That evening, at about quarter to nine, Diana Smolinsky, having finished her preparations, started driving towards Bell Gardens, but she never made it there. Instead, on the way, she changed her mind and jumped off I-710, the Long beach freeway, and onto the LA river. Smolinsky, a big beautiful woman, did not know how to swim, still she did not panic. Death didn’t come instantly. She felt the water slowly fill her lungs. Then there was no room for the soul. So, it decided to leave. That’s for the those who believe in duality, for the rest it was just death. Plain old death: the one denominator that binds us all.

The kind of person she was, Smolinsky didn’t leave a suicide note and hoped her death didn’t attract much attention. She died a virgin.


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